A Father’s Love

3 May 2017

So a few nights ago, Addie was having a really rough night. Nothing could soothe my inconsolable babe. I tried feeding her. I tried a binkie. I tried a bottle. I tried changing her. I tried rocking, bouncing, swaying, shhh-ing, sitting, standing, lights off, lights on, tilting to one side, every -ing, a mom could do. I tried it and Addie was not happy.

I was desperate for my daughter to feel loved and comforted, but what I was doing wasn’t enough. After what felt like feeble attempts, my husband came to the rescue. He put on their song, “Isn’t She Lovely,” by Stevie Wonder and he danced with her in his arms until she stopped crying and fell asleep.

As I sat there, relieved and a little frustrated that she calmed down for him and not me, I watched my husband show so much love and tenderness to my daughter. The forty minutes of screaming didn’t seem to phase him. He held her gently, firmly so she felt secure and danced with her until she was calm.

This reminded me of God’s love for us. A father’s love toward his child. More often than I’d like to admit, I feel like I am screaming, inconsolable infant. I’m not sure what I need or what, sometimes I feel afraid, sometimes, I feel angry, sometimes I can’t communicate what I feel. But God so tenderly and lovingly waits with me until I calm down. Until I am calm enough to hear his voice. Instead of yelling at me or demanding that I be quiet, he whispers “I love you my dear daughter. I love you so much.”

I read the book, “Guess How Much I Love You,” to my daughter. I will never be able to express to her just how much I love her. When I see her, my heart feels like it might burst with love. I can’t help but wonder how much more God loves us. I can’t imagine the depth his love has. I think He gives us a glimpse of the magnitude of his love through being a parent.

I’m left amazed and speechless at a Father’s love.

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    1. Mariah,
      This is so beautifully honest and full of truth. God loves us with a measure of love that we will never comprehend this side of heaven (maybe not there either). But I am so thankful He speaks to us through his creation (your hubby’s actions and your daughter’s life). He is so faithful even when we are afraid, angry and confused. I am so blessed that you know your Heavenly Father that way. I love you dearly and you are an amazing Mommy, Daughter and Author!!
      xo Momma Bear

    1. That touched my heart so much!!
      I love being closer to you by hearing your heart this way. I love our twin family and are amazed by your gifting so! As a mom and a writer. 🙂 Love you, Twin Mom

    1. Mariah, you have the talent of your Mother in being able to write your feelings and thoughts on paper. Your writings touched me and I am so proud of you, Aaron and Addie my grand children and yes one day we will all be in heaven with your Dad!! O Glorious Day, I can hardly wait. Love and praying for all of you. Poppa Mike

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