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26 June 2017

                                    I Scream! You Scream! We all scream for ICE CREAM!

On Saturday, we took a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. A pop-up museum filled with bright colors and electric dance music.

The ice cream fanatic’s heaven is located in Los Angeles. You immediately know you have arrived because the building is bright pink and there is a line of people just screaming to get it (Literally, you have scream before they let you in!)

Upon entering the museum, you see a beautifully decorated wall full of tasty sweets! The first

room is full of vintage phones with a special message from Seth Rogen.  (Side-note: there is rumor that the creator of the Museum of Ice Cream’s wife is really good friends with Seth Rogen’s wife and she volunteered Seth to do it. Who knows if that is true… but I like it!)

The next room is the California Room and your first taste of Ice Cream! We had Salted Carmel with a sweet corn magic sauce!

After the California room, you can swing into the banana room. Complete with a scratch and sniff wall!
After going a little bananas by all of the bananas in the room, you can chill in the mint room with some mochi mint chocolate chip ice cream. Fun fact: Mochi is a type of ice cream that was created in Japan and there are over 60 different types of mint leaves!

The transition from the Mint room comes with a big POP! Popsicles that is! There is a beautiful display of brightly colored melting popsicles popping out of the floor and walls.

When leaving the popsicle room, dance music will pull you in to a gummy bear delight! A handful of gummy bears is your reward if you are willing to dance for it.

After spending so much time surrounded by color, things take an interesting turn when you come into the charcoal infused cookie dough room. The dark side of the Museum of Ice Cream is quite tasty if you ask me.
The most anticipated room at the museum is the sprinkle pool! Yes! You read that right! A pool full of sprinkles! Spending a few moments in this pool will have you wishing you had your own personal sprinkle pool!
The museum concludes with ice cream sandwiches served on pink pancakes and a stroll through the gift shop!

This is hands down one of the sweetest museums I have ever been too! Unfortunately, tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream sold out fast! However, rumor has it that the next pop-up location is San Francisco! And it’s totally worth the road trip!

Well that’s the whole scoop! Scroll below to see more fun pictures from the Museum of Ice Cream!



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