A Father’s Love

So a few nights ago, Addie was having a really rough night. Nothing could soothe my inconsolable babe. I tried feeding her. I tried a binkie. I tried a bottle. I tried changing her. I tried rocking, bouncing, swaying, shhh-ing, sitting, standing, lights off, lights on, tilting to one side, every -ing, a mom could […]

Hey Dad,

Hey Dad, It’s been a year since we said good bye. It’s been a year since I drove away from the hospital, the place you spent your final days on earth. It has been a year. But it doesn’t feel like that. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Other times it feels like it’s […]

God Can Handle My Anger.

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me. These are some of the famous words Jesus cries out from the cross. Maybe he was angry with God in that moment. Maybe he was angry with us in that moment. Maybe he felt abandoned, hurt and alone. He cried out to his father, asking him […]

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend, I lost my dad recently. I watched him bravely battle cancer for almost a year. I watched him do rounds of chemo and I sat in the waiting room while he did radiation. I celebrated the victories. I cried during the challenges. But, I was always hopeful. No matter how hard it got, […]

A Starbucks Lesson

Are you like me? Do you get so stressed that you want to say “Screw it all, I don’t want to deal with….” I could fill in the blank with so many things. I am too stressed to deal with school, housework, my gym goals, getting the oil changed… I mean my list goes on […]