Goals for 2018

In order to embrace my words for 2018: Freedom and Exploration, I have decided to put together a goals list for the year. I have some planned goals on the list and some goals that have yet to be planned out or thought through. I guess the best part of it only being in January, is […]

Pumpkin Patch fun!

  As fall and winter hit, our schedules pick up. My husband does audio tech for various churches and our alma mater, while I have bridal showers, bachelorette parties and engagement shoots to do. Our schedule is busy but we are celebrating big “firsts” with Addie. Her first fall and her first Christmas season!   […]

A Father’s Love

So a few nights ago, Addie was having a really rough night. Nothing could soothe my inconsolable babe. I tried feeding her. I tried a binkie. I tried a bottle. I tried changing her. I tried rocking, bouncing, swaying, shhh-ing, sitting, standing, lights off, lights on, tilting to one side, every -ing, a mom could […]