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4 Ways to Support the Blogger in Your Life

Did you know that a lot of bloggers hope to one day make their blog a full-time job?

I know I am one of those dreamers. And, I would not be able to do it without my husband’s support and encouragement and my friends who watch Addie (for free) so that I can write without having to hire a baby sitter. These two things have been vital to my writing time and the success of The Sunkissed Peach.

I also owe a HUGE thank you to those who read The Sunkissed Peach, you are what keep me going! My appreciation for you reading, subscribing, and following me along this journey is insurmountable.

I was recently asked by a friend “How can I support you as a blogger?” I had to pause and think… I mean paying my gas bill would be helpful. But she was talking deeper than just momental support. She wanted to know how she could help encourage me, help make my dream a reality. She wanted to encourage and inspire my goals of becoming a profitable blogger.

I wanted to share a few ways that you can help support the bloggers in your life. Many bloggers start out doing their writing, product reviews, travel stories for free as a side gig or late at night after a 40 hour work week. Without spending any money, I want to encourage those of you who have friends who blog to invest in their dream. Encourage them. Help them succeed. It will mean the absolute world to them!

Okay! Let’s get down to the basics! Here are 4 ways that you can support the blogger in your life!

  1. Read it! - This may seem like a no-brainer, but taking the time to read their work will do two things. First, it will mean so much to your blogging friend! I seriously still get excited each time I get a notification that someone is reading my blog! I do a little happy dance (chances are I am doing one right now). Secondly, more readers means better analytics. This can open the doors for bloggers to get paid sponsorships and paid writing pieces. By you reading their work, you help them boost their viewership.

  2. Share it! - If you like a specific blog piece, if it touches you, moves you, makes you laugh or inspires you, share it. It can be a email to another friend, a facebook post, a Pinterest pin or a tweet. But taking the time to share a blog post with another person can have a huge impact on their readership and audience. There have been times when I have shared a blog post I found with a friend, and it has been exactly what they needed to read that day. You never know how a post can impact another person. So if it resonates with you, share it!!!

  3. Interact! - I love when people like or comment on a blog/ Instagram/Facebook post! It makes my day! And it is more important than you might realize! But what also makes my day is the text messages, emails and personal responses to a blog post. It encourages my heart on some of my toughest days to continue writing and to continue pushing through. So, when you like something the author wrote, tell them! It can be through comments, but if you don’t want it to be public, send them a text or an email. I know it will make their day!

  4. Suggest topics or products to review! - I have a list of topics that people have asked me to write about. I am slowly making my way through that list. It is so helpful knowing what you want to read about! I love getting suggestions about topics you are interested in!

Supporting your blogging friend doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, it can be as simple as a like or reading their post. But letting them know that you support them is so important! I have been ready to quit or give up, and someone will send an encouraging text or email. It reminds me why I started blogging in the first place. So please, encourage the blogger in your life!

Thank you for reading friends and seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and supporting me! I will never be able to fully express how much I appreciate your support! If you want to subscribe so that you don't miss a post, please do so below! If you would like to follow me on IG, FB, or Pinterest - click on the name it will direct you to follow.

Love, Mariah

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