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Addie's Birth Story

A Story of Empowerment and Bringing Life into this world. Here is Addie's untold birth story!

I woke up feeling

nauseous. A little uneasy about this doctors appointment. It was the same type of appointment I had twice a week for the last three weeks, but this one felt off. Aaron had left for work and as I waddled around the house, I knew I wasn't going to be able to drive myself all the way up the 405 to Newport Beach. 

"Hello! Are you okay?" "Hey Mom, Are you doing anything right now? I am not in labor, but I need a ride to the hospital, I am nauseous and don't want to test my driving while throwing up skills." "Yup! I will head on over." 

As I hung up from talking to my mother-in-love, I realized this would be the perfect test run for the big day. I saw our hospital bags packed sitting neatly in our bedroom and thought, what if she comes today? After speaking with my sister and realizing I still had two full weeks until my due date, I decided to leave my bags at home. After all, it was just a stress test and ultrasound. I have been to seven or eight of these appointments in the last month. It was always the same routine. 

Laying on the bed, my mother-in-law and I watched the ultrasound tech move the wand across my belly, we watched Addie move and adjust, kick and squirm then settle down comfortably (for her... not me) with her feet pressed against my ribs. The ultrasound tech got up abruptly and left the room. 

For the past few weeks, we had been struggling to keep the amniotic fluid at a good level. Some days it was too low, others they asked me to cut back on my water in take. It was a game of Russian Roulette. I assumed the technician went to go grab a doctor. They would tell me to either drink more or less and send me home. 

"So, I spoke with your OB. She has decided that we need to induce you." Those words "Induce you" echoed in my head as the doctor explained the admission process and what to expect in the next few hours. I didn't hear a single word. All I kept replaying was "induce you." I felt the air escape my lungs and the weight of what was just decided settle in. 

With disappointment, I realized that my perfectly planned natural birth was not going to happen. That my blissful Monday routine was slowly being transformed into the part of pregnancy I was most anxious about... "Should we call Aaron?" Those words snapped me back to reality. 

SHOOT! Aaron was at his first day of work at his new job... Awesome! Hands shaking, I picked up the phone to call him and let him know that our lives were about to hit hyper-speed. 

Aaron arrived just as I was settling into my Labor and Delivery room. 

With an ocean view and a turkey sandwich, I settled into the room where I would bring my sweet daughter into the world. 

I got hooked up to an IV and Pitocin Drip around 4:30 pm. With my mom and sister on their way, and my in-laws running home to grab our stuff, Aaron and I had a relaxing moment to catch our breath. 

After being checked several times through out the evening with no changes... 0 cm dilated, and still not being effaced, at midnight we decided it was time to try and get some sleep. 

At 2:00am, I woke up with intense cramps (contractions). After using the bathroom and walking around a little bit, I crawled back into bed. At 2:38 am, the nurse checked my progress and we were at 8 centimeters! Praise the God of the Heavens and Earth! There was finally change! 

At 2:45 am, my nurse was adjusting my monitors. "I think my water just broke" I said as I sat up in bed. "Are you sure you didn't pee yourself?" My nurse joked as she helped me adjust. "Oh! Nope, that was your water. Okay, I am going to let the doctor know and check you again.. 10 cm. Okay. It's time." 

I will spare you all the blood and goriness. But 10 minutes later, with a doctor who almost missed the birth, a mom and sister racing through the hotel lobby and my in-laws arriving just after, Addie was laying on my chest. She was finally here. 

I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was perfect. 

Yesterday, I posted 5 things to include in your birth plan. My birth plan didn't go as I had planned, but in the end, I had my beautiful daughter. A gift I could not imagine! 

I chose to do an un-medicated birth. Despite being induced, I was able to avoid pain medication. I am incredibly proud of myself. Not because I did it without an epidural, but because I brought a beautiful life into this world. I do not share my story to make others feel bad, but to empower women to take control of their story and live a life they are proud of. Giving birth was empowering. I did something only I could do. I gave my daughter life! 

To the Mom-to-be reading this, no matter what you want: Home birth, hospital birth, c-section, an epidural or medication free, YOU are doing something no one else can do. You are bringing your child into this world. You are an incredible Superhero! 

Be proud of that! 



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