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Book Club: Momzilla

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

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There is a movie… Mean Girls. It is about a naïve high schooler, who moves from Africa to the suburbs. She joins the mean girls on campus and learns the heavy consequences of her actions. Having watched Mean Girls numerous times, I assumed that mean girls disappeared in high school.

Wishful thinking? Probably.

Turns out, there are mean people at every stage of life. It can feel overwhelming dealing with them alone. I assumed out of college for sure that mean girls would be a thing of the past. I guess I was wrong. From feeling shame for my mothering choices, to second guessing if I am doing this motherhood thing right, having a momzilla in your life just adds to the stress of motherhood. But it sure as heck doesn’t have to be like that!

I recently picked up the book, Momzilla by Jill Kargman. It is about a mom who moves from California to the Upper East Side of New York. Honestly, the stress she deals with living on the Upper East Side is parallel to life in Orange County.

She deals with her identity as a mother, wife, and friend. As Hannah quickly learns, not everyone is as nice as they seem. The comic duo, , Hannah and Zoey brave the streets of New York as Hannah experiences every Mommy-shame/guilt experience I have been through.

Motherhood has a ton of expectations and pressures put on by society, social media, friends, family and strangers. Expectations that I allowed to be placed on me. That I decided were acceptable expectations of me, and when I couldn’t live up to those expectations, I became depressed and angry.

Whether it has been intentional or not, there have been moments where I have encountered Momzillas! Reading Momzilla reminded me that I was not alone in my fears and insecurities. That I am not alone in dealing with momzillas either. It also reminded me that it is okay to set boundaries and so “no” to mean girls!

I would recommend reading Momzilla because it gives a comic view of how to deal with over the top moms and to understand the Mom guilt that we often put on ourselves. Hannah faces off with impossible expectations of perfection: getting into the best preschool, breastfeeding, activities for toddlers, and dressing to impress. She also faces off with one of the meanest people I have ever met (fictionally…)

Bee is the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, perfection seems to exude every action Bee does. But deep down, Bee is incredibly insecure and angry. She takes out her unhappiness on Hannah and the other mothers.

With grace, some mistakes and a desire to find her passion, Hannah takes on the Upper East Side and provides a little humor to us all. Jill Kargman did an excellent job with relatablility, vulnerability and humor.

Do you have a Momzilla in your life? How do you handle her?

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