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Book Club Update

Well, what seems like a never ending month, April is finally coming to an end.

I have struggled this month with feeling motivated, wanting to be on Social Media and feeling like I just can't get into a good groove. I wanted to give you a Book Club update, because I haven't done a Book Review in a while.

I wanted to do the Book Club because I wanted to share what I was reading with you! I wanted you to enjoy the books I chose, but to be honest, I felt like I was forcing it. I was so excited about the list of books I chose, but as soon as I would start one, it felt like homework. It took away the fun of reading a book just because.

So, I stopped reading - which was the exact opposite of what I wanted for 2019. My goal was 2 books a month, one from my book list and then some thing else on the side. It became a chore.

I love love love to read and I do not want it to become a chore, so I am taking a step back from Book Club. Instead of a monthly post on the blog, I will share what I am reading on Instagram and when I have the inspiration, I will share a blog piece about it.

I am also going to stream line my book reviews a little bit so you know what to expect from them. I want them to be useful and intriguing, so here is my format for Book Reviews:

Opening Introduction - An interesting quote and then a short summary of the story.

My thoughts and ramblings on the book.

My favorite character or chapter.

What I learned from the book.

Book Facts - Cost of book on Amazon/Target with link, genre, my star rating and if I would recommend/read again, the way I read the book - physical copy/Kindle/Audible.

When you read a book review or are looking for recommendations, is there anything else you are interested in knowing before? What makes you read a book after it has been recommended to you? Are there any books you think I should review?

I appreciate you taking the time to read my Book Club Update and I am so excited to jump back into reading without the pressure of having to report about it afterwards. I am so thankful you clicked to read!

Happy Friday to all of my Bibliophiles!




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