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Book Club: Party Girl by Rachel Hollis

Being told no over and over again can feel so discouraging and so belittling.

Trying to push past the no's and chase your dream takes courage, perseverance and strength. Landon Brinkley is overly optimistic, hard working and sassy. I am singing… or, really, bellowing might be a better word. The first sentence of Party Girl by Rachel Hollis starts out describing me in the mornings getting ready or on my way to work. I knew I would love this book the moment I opened its pages. Boy, was I right.

I related to her desire to prove herself in a new job, in a new city. Landon moves from a small town in Texas to Hollywood. While adjusting to the culture shock that is Los Angeles, she befriends her coworker Miko and her roommate Max.

Landon lands a job working for the famous and idolized Selah, an event planning extraordinaire. She quickly realizes that Selah's skills include sucking up to clients and taking credit for her hardworking staff's accomplishments. When Selah’s assistants are caught making fun of her, they are both promptly fired and Landon is instructed to take on the new role. When Selah is not belittling her staff, she is shamelessly flirting with Brody Ashton.

Brody Ashton is gorgeous, wealthy and the owner of a hotel and club chain in Hollywood. His company frequently books Selah and her team for events. It isn’t Selah that catches his eye though. There is a shocking secret that connects Brody to Max, Landon’s roommate.

In the mix of juggling grown up responsibilities and grasping to hang on to sanity after each Selah event, Landon quickly finds out that her job requires more than she bargained for.

As I read Party Girl, I found myself wanting to just as optimistic and hard working as Landon is. She became my role model for how to persevere and follow her dreams. Landon clings to her morals and values in - what some would argue - is the most pivotal time in her career. With everything hanging on her choice to stand up for what is right.

Some of the questions I asked myself while reading this book were:

  • How can I bring as much enthusiasm as Landon does to work with me each day? Even when I am doing something that I don’t want to do.

  • In what ways can I go above and beyond to support my coworkers? How can we make work an enjoyable place to be?

  • How would I handle a situation of deep moral conflict? What would be worth losing my job over?

  • Who do I have in my support system that will support and stand by me always?

  • How can I be a better friend to my friends?

Landon, a sweet girl from Texas taught me so much about professionalism, hard work and taking a chance at her dreams. Her friends Max and Miko have also taught me a lot and I look forward to reviewing their books for you one day!

Here is a brief review from one of The Sunkissed Peach Book Club Members:

  • This is the first book I have ever read by Rachel Hollis. I know, I know, have I been living under a rock? I’ve seen the raving reviews of her other books like, Girl Wash Your Face, and have meant to pick them up multiple times, but always seemed to have something else to read instead. As soon as I read the back of the book, Party Girl, I have to admit it is not the typical kind of book I read. The idea of working for anyone in L.A. and wanting the lifestyle she wanted was less than appealing to me. I can care less about celebrities or the glamorous life of the rich and famous. How could I possibly relate to this girl? Still, I was excited to be part of something and I am always willing to give any book thrown my way a chance. So, I opened up this book to give it a go even in my skepticism. Three chapters later, I was hooked. I found myself carrying the book everywhere with me so even if a little moment presented itself I was able to pick it up and read a page or two on the go. The relationships between the characters were honest and real. And I loved that the romance between Landon and a certain someone wasn’t over the top sexualized and neither was the character herself. Even in all the chaos she faced she held onto her roots and her moral ground. I cheered with every success story and my heart hurt with every downfall. I became very invested in the dedicated, hardworking, wholesome, small town girl trying to thrive in this completely different and at times cruel world. In the end my investment was worth it! I highly recommend giving this book a read. It will not disappoint.

Did you know that your thoughts from our book club can be featured in the official book review! Send an email to mariah@thesunkissedpeach with the subject line: Book Review to be considered. Want to know what we are reading in February? Click here or join our Facebook Book Club here!

I hope each of you can find something you can relate to in Party Girl! It is one of my favorite books of all time! And I was so excited to kick off Book Club with it!

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