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Being a Brand Rep

What you need to know, before applying for your first Brand Rep Search.

Brand Rep. This term is flying around the social media world right now. Everyone is a brand rep. Everyone’s child is a brand rep. Did I mention Addie and I are brand reps?

A brand rep is someone who represents a small business/brand without being an employee. A brand rep TYPICALLY (not always) gets a discount on products purchased in exchange for high quality pictures and sale promotion. Brand Reps are an extension of a brand. They support and promote the brand they are contracted with. With that being said, each company and brand tailors their brand rep requirements to fit their specific needs. While many companies have had similar requirements, NONE have been the exact same.

Addie has been a brand rep for about a year. We have learned so many things about working with companies and building a Brand. I have had several people reach out and ask about how we got into brand repping and if we had any advice!

We stumbled upon brand repping on accident. I was searching the corners of Etsy to find a bow company that made quality bows in the US that were not going to break the bank. We found a company and I started following them on Instagram. We applied to be a brand rep because we really liked the bows. We quickly fell in love with being a brand rep. We loved our experience and decided to apply for other brands. The list of Addie’s brands grew fast. It got a little overwhelming to keep up with all of our brands, so we decided to step back a little.

I wanted to work with a few brands well and really build up a relationship with the owners instead of having a long list of companies to rep for. My hope is that this will help explain how to become a Brand Rep and ways to improve your chances on being chosen as a rep!

Believe it or not, you do not need the best camera on the market. You do not need an in-home photography studio. And you do not need fancy gadgets. You can start with a phone, an older camera, a local park and your sweet babe!

How to start?

So I could give the generic, “just put yourself out there!” But does that really help? NO! I would recommend creating a specific Instagram account for your Brand Rep life. I made mine public! Some shops require that your profile be public while you rep. We decided to make a public account for Addie so that brands and potential customers could see the products we modeled in action.

I learned how to talk clear, focused pictures. Like I said above, you do not have to be a professional photographer. But it is important to be able to take clear, crisp pictures of your child and of the product.

When you apply, look for specific attributes that make your child unique. For example: “Hi, this is Addie and she wants to be a brand rep for you. She is cute and she loves the outdoors. Her favorite color is pink and she is girlie.” – this is plain and unoriginal.

Everyone thinks their child is cute and deserves to be a rep. I am not saying your child isn’t cute, but in the Social Media realm, you MUST learn how to stand out! Gearing an audition post for your child is important. You want the brand to see your personality. Trying something like this is likely to get more attention: “Addie is a spit-fire toddler, who enjoys digging in sand and chasing rays of sun! She is a daredevil who enjoys twirling and running through tall grass. She loves musicals and music that gets her booty moving. We love (the Brand) because ___. Addie would love to rep for you. Her favorite item is __.”

The second audition post, shows Addie’s personality, why we love the brand and what her favorite product is. It will stand out over the hoards of mundane “pick me” posts.

Don’t stretch too thin.

We currently rep for five companies. Addie had 12 companies at once. Guess what! I couldn’t keep up. It wasn’t fair to the brands we worked with. I stretched myself too thin and it showed. It showed in the quality of photos, my level of interaction and my lack of energy. It is okay to not rep for a bunch of companies. I truly believe that less is more in this case. I would rather be able to provide excellent content and quality than have a laundry list of companies.

It is supposed to be fun!

Brand repping isn’t supposed to be stressful. It is not supposed to break the bank either! Companies want brand reps who genuinely love their company and product. Don’t apply just for the title. Find companies you truly love. Work with them. Build a relationship with them.

Please don’t be THAT person. The one that uses companies to get free or cheap items. The one that resells items for more than what you paid for. Don’t use and abuse companies that rely on their business to make a living. The companies I rep for are all moms. They have children and work hard to provide for their family.

Being a brand rep is an honor. An owner is trusting you with their brand to represent it well!

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