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Celebrating Addie's 2nd Birthday

You guys, it has been over two months since Addie's birthday and I am just now getting the chance to sit down and write about it. Life has been busy with some hard challenges and some beautiful blessings as well. I needed to take a break from writing and from pouring into my social media channels to just breathe.

Addie turned two in January. The time has passed so quickly, that I completely forgot to budget and prepare for a big party. I also realized that this may be the last year that Addie doesn't have an opinion on how her Birthday is celebrated. So with that in mind we kept her party small and simple. And she had a blast!

I can easily get caught up in the Pinterest Dream, envisioning these elaborate parties with balloon arches, cakes taller than Addie and an delicious spread of appetizers. In reality, I do not have the time, the energy or the finances to put together my wildest dream parties, but that does not mean that I do not want them to be meaningful or fun.

We threw Addie's party for under $100.

We decided to throw Addie's 2nd Birthday party at a park. We decided not to make a reservation for a gazebo, and showed up day of to stake out a place. We veered away from the play structures and chose a quiet area by the fields to set up camp. So Addie's party location was free.

In order to stick to my budget, I had my husband do the majority of the shopping. I knew that if I went shopping, my $100 budget would be blown on decor alone. Aaron picked up 9 balloons, 1 table cloth, 2 dozen cupcakes, a fruit tray and a veggie tray from Ralph's. The total came out to $25. We asked Addie's Godparents to pick up Costco 4 Pizzas and a flat of water. This total to $50.

We asked people to bring blankets and chairs. We all sat around enjoying each other's company while the kids played with bubbles and water. After coming off of the holiday season, Aaron and I really wanted to do something to celebrate Addie with those who love her and invest in her. We realized that we did not need shiny objects or elaborate decor to do that.

We know that one day, the party will matter, the invite list will be important to Addie and the way we celebrate will make memories that last a life time, but for this year, it was about the who. The people Addie loves, the quality time spent together and celebrating that our spunky toddler has been entrusted to us for the last two years.

An Added Surprise

We had an unexpected surprise for Addie's birthday. Something that I felt put Addie's birthday over the top. A sweet baker reached out to me to do a collaboration with her. She made these adorable and delicious sugar cookies that fit Addie's Minnie Mouse birthday theme perfectly. They were a gift, so we didn't actually pay for them, so I did not include them in our total. However, I do look forward to using Cookies By Holly to cater my next cookie bar. Cookies by Holly is located in Brea, California. Holly works with you to create custom cookies for any event.

As a mom, the pressure to keep up can feel overwhelming. The pressure to throw the perfect party and have it perfectly documented can be discouraging and can be overwhelming. I read this quote somewhere "Your kids do not need a perfect mom, the need a happy mom." Your kids want you there and present. They want you in the moment. Do not stress about throwing huge parties or trying to nail every perfect Pinterest idea you find. Take a deep breath and remember that the most important thing is your relationship with your child.

Thank you for letting me share Addie's 2nd Birthday with you! We had so much fun celebrating her.




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