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Gift Guide: The Men in Your Life

Buying gifts for the men in your life can be stressful! What do you get for the man that has it all? Or for the man that is hard to buy for. Husband. Dad. Grandpa. Boyfriend. Brother. Son. Grandson. Here are some fool proof gifts they are bound to love!

I did a poll last week asking about what you wanted to see on the blog. With Christmas around the corner, most of you opted for Christmas Gift Guides. I decided to start with a gift guide for the man in your life. Whether it is your hubby, your boyfriend, your dad, your grandpa, your uncle who ever the man is, the man in your life will love these 5 gifts.

These are gifts that I have or am getting my hubby. Please note that some of these links may be affiliate links. Affiliate links are trackable links, where I earn a commission on each purchase. I do not promote anything without using it or buying it first.

My husband is tech savvy and loves having the newest gidget and gadget. It is difficult trying to find a gift that he will truly like, will use regularly and that he really wanted. So after searching his Amazon wishlist and searching the internet for things he might like, I have come up with 5 gifts that I know he will love.

1. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot - The Echo and the Echo Dot are more than just a hub of answers and a way to get Domino’s delivered to your house. We use our Echo Dot’s for everything! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Alexa - the little voice inside the Dot controls our lights, our TV and our schedule. She can tell you what is next on your to-do list, or remind your Honey what is next on his Honey-do list. She is able to adjust and dim your lights, turn them on when you are not home, as well as track your pizza, packages and the weather. For a techy guy, like my hubby - the Echo Dot’s were a no brainer. Yes, you read that right… plural. We have 5 in our home. You can shop the Echo Dot here.

2. Beard Oil from Primally Pure - high quality blend of carrier oils and essential oils that nourish, tame and hydrate facial hair. This organic beard oil soothes skin and keeps it soft. I love playing with Aaron’s goatee and love that this oil makes it feel so soft! Primally Pure sells two different beard oils - Old Fashion and Mojito. I prefer the Old Fashion Beard Oil. Your guy doesn’t need a beard to use this oil. It works wonders as a shave oil protecting against razor burns and preventing ingrown hairs. To save, use SUNKISSED at check out.

3. Comfy Slippers/ Moccasins - Ever since I was little, my mom would buy Christmas PJ’s for my siblings and I. Each year the boys got Rubber Soled Moccasins with their PJ’s. Ask my brothers or my hubby - this is a gift they look forward to each year. Each year, they retire their worn, weathered moccs for new ones. While these can be just house slippers to keep their toes warm, my brothers usually test their durability in everyday life outside of the house. My mom usually purchases their moccs at Kohls. You can find them on sale here.

4. Hydroflask - Whether the guy in your life likes hot coffee or staying extra hydrated, the Hydroflask company has a wide variety of cups available for purchase on their website. You can also find them on Amazon and at a variety of retail stores. They have bottles, cups, pints and tublers. Aaron often reaches for his hydroflask to keep his water cold. The beer pints keep beer chilled to the perfect temp. Who doesn’t like a cold beer? Something I am looking forward to trying is their new food containers! I am thinking warm soup all winter long!

5. Something fun - Be specific with his personality. My hubby loves playing games. We can thank our friends James and Alex for introducing us to incredible, unique games that we usually add to our Amazon Wish list after playing with them. Aaron is competitive and logical. He enjoys strategy games, silly games, and team games. Since I know that Aaron loves playing games, this is a go to category when I am feeling stuck. I look at our list of games we want and choose from that. Some games that we love: Killer Bunnies, Bring Your Own Book, Guillotine, Love Letters, and Pandemic. Most of the games, we have grabbed are games we have tested out with friends and decide would be a great fit in our game collection. We shop on Amazon and Target for games.

I hope this list gets your creative juices flowing! The best part of gift giving is to find a gift tailored to that person’s personality and preferences. I love being able to give a meaningful gift to those I love. I enjoy the process of shopping, testing and planning to give a gift, but I know that it can be stressful for some. My hope is that these gift guides can be used year round for those who do not want to stress about what to buy for someone else. These 5 things can be given to any man in your life: Husband, dad, grandfather, brother or friend.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that your gift giving goes well!




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