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New Year's Resolutions: January

Hey Friend! It is February 1st. Anyone else glad that January is over? My January was hectic and stressful. I really do not know where it went, but it flew by. I am taking February 1st as a day to recoup and get my stuff together.

My weekends were jam packed. I did not have a day off/nothing planned since January 5th. I have had some big thing or work that took up the majority of my day, and I am exhausted. This weekend, I have low level commitments and nothing planned for Super Bowl Sunday. YUP! I said it, I am not doing a single thing on Sunday. I am going to rest. It is supposed to rain all weekend which means a good book, a large blanket and my father-in-law’s gumbo.

Well, this blog post is not supposed to be a rant about how tired I am. It is supposed to be a check in about my New Year’s Resolutions. I am really not sure how I want to do this, so this may change each month until I find a rhythm.

As a recap, here are my resolutions:

To Encourage and Inspire other's to chase their dreams

To create an Emergency Fund and Pay off my credit card

To be able to run a full mile without stopping and without feeling like I am going to die

To publish 2 blog posts a week

To do one paid collaboration each month

To schedule regular date nights with Aaron

To become a Published Author

To explore doctorate programs and apply by May 2020 (long term... I know.)

To create a Recipe Section on The Sunkissed Peach and cook at home regularly

I need to be honest... I did not succeed in any of these. But that is okay! It does not mean I should give up. Maybe you haven't kept to your NYR's either?

While it would be easy to brush off January and say it was stressful, busier than December, and overall, I just wasn’t feeling the self-motivation, I do not want to give you the excuse to give up on your dreams. So I am calling a reset, because I need one.

This morning, Addie had meltdown after meltdown. I was running late and stressing. Which added to both of our stress and frustration. So I called a Reset. Addie and I both stopped what we were doing and came in for a cuddle. We hugged until the tears stopped and we both felt ready to take on the day!

So here is your hug!

You get a reset! Are you ready? Pull out your calendar right now! If it is on your phone, ummm, finish reading first? I want you to pull out your calendar and schedule in 30 minutes every day Sunday through Saturday to focus on you. If you are able to do more time, do it.

I think, even new mommas can do this. 30 minutes - that is less than an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it is a Friends Episode with commercials. Schedule it in. Mine is every day at 5:15 am. I get up out of my warm cozy bed and venture into the Arctic Circle I call my house for some me time. I read, I do a devotion and I brainstorm blog post ideas. Once I come up with a solid idea, I assign it a date - a draft date on when I want to start and finish writing that piece.

Some ideas on how to spend your 30 minutes alone:

A bubble bath and netflix

A walk around the neighborhood

A good book and cozy blanket

A manicure or pedicure

A workout class

Sit out on your patio or in your backyard and do nothing

The point of your 30 minutes is to unplug and to do something that helps you refuel.

I have my New Year’s Resolutions, I plan to work on them, but I have to make sure I am in the right head-space to work on them. I would love to know how you will fill your 30 minutes of Me Time this month! Comment below and let me know!

We have goals to achieve, dreams to reach! Let's do it!


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