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Patience in Baking Bread

In December, I made the decision that I would learn and master the art of baking bread. At the time, I had no idea what it would take to bake bread. Kneading was a term I used in reference to my cats. What set out to be a simple activity while Addie napped, turning into an all-day event.

When I set my mind to something, I also make a determination of how much time will be needed to master a project or a goal. For example, when I decided that our closet needed to be rearranged, cleaned out and minimalized, I decided that one full afternoon would be sufficient. I set a goal, created a time frame and jumped in full force. I assumed that bread making would be similar to any other goal I set. A task determined, a time frame locked in and then I needed to just go for it.

Did you know that bread has to rise before baking? I didn't. Imagine my surprise when I went to make bread during Addie's hour and a half nap, only to find that the dough has to rise for two to three hours. At first, this realization frustrated me. Didn't the lump of dough know that I had a plan, a timeline?

In order for the active yeast, flour, salt, and water to do its thing, to make a loaf of delicious flakey bread, they need to be combined, mixed and then they need to sit at room temperature for hours.

I find it ironic that my goal for 2020 to learn how to make bread, something to savor at meals with friends - required me to be patient to allow time to pass without me being an active participant. There is nothing I can do to speed up the rising process. There is nothing I can do to make it rise better. I simply had to be patient and allow the dough to rise slowly, untampered.

This process is much like my desire to become the best wife and mom I can be. I can put in the work, the hours of therapy, the accountability time, I can read all the books, but there needs to be a time of stillness. A time when I allow God to work within me. A time for me to rise.

Be patient, like I had to be while baking bread, your changes, your goals, your dreams will not happen overnight and there might be seasons that it feels as if nothing is happening, Trust yourself, trust the Holy Spirit in you. God has created you in a masterful way. He is not done with you either. But there are seasons where waiting is necessary and beneficial. I hope that as you start 2020, you give yourself space to rest and rise.

Below, is the link to the bread recipe I used. It is not my own. I found it on Pinterest but wanted to link the exact site, to give the author and baker credit. I have made it twice and with each loaf, have improved. My timeline was that after four or five tries, I would have my scoring down and be able to create a beautiful round loaf.

Rustic Italian Crusty Bread: https://ciaoflorentina.com/rustic-crusty-bread-recipe/

After my first attempt at making bread, I realized that it is going to take time to master this craft. It will take multiple attempts and patience, lots of patience. For now, I will remind myself, that like the rising dough, it is okay to sit in stillness. It is okay

to allow for space and time to rise.



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