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Savor, My Word of the Year

Each year, I try something different. I make a New Years Resolution - or ten. I lay out my yearly planner and write out monthly goals. I take my big, bold ideas and break them into small manageable tasks. I tell myself that this is the year I will achieve everything on my list.

You see, I thrive on lists. I take great satisfaction in crossing something off on my list. Whether it is a daily to-do list or my yearly goal list, a simple line through words makes me sigh with relief. I accomplished something. I like the feeling of accomplishing something, it makes me feel productive. In fact, if I do not cross enough off my list, I feel unproductive, like I am lacking value, like I am not doing enough.

What I mean to say, and hate to admit, is I find my value in how much I can accomplish in a day... how busy I can be. I find in this state of busyness and to-do-ness, that I miss out on the idea of slow living, of savoring moments. I recently read a book called, The Power of Moments.

In The Power of Moments, I learned that defining moments are not always the huge in your face moments, but often little moments that build upon each other. I want to look back on 2020 and see defining moments for Addie, for Aaron and I and for myself. We have had big defining moments - our wedding, Addie's birth, but most days are built on small moments. Moments that can often be overlooked. Moments, that can be easy to forget. But I don't want to forget those moments, because life goes by too quickly. Addie continues to grow and change so quickly. Her toddlerness is quickly becoming childness. In being focused on what is next and how to cross off enough to-do items, I am missing out on the now.

I chose the word "Savor" for 2020. I want to savor this year. I want to savor the little moments each day. Instead of focusing on what needs to get done, I want to focus on savoring life. Not just metaphorically but figuratively as well. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines savor as to have experience with taste, to taste or smell with pleasure, to delight in and enjoy.

Doesn't that sound incredible? Savoring 2020.

I want to slow down and taste all that 2020 has to offer with pleasure and delight. I want to enjoy 2020 to the fullest. I want to laugh heartily around my kitchen table with friends. I want to stay up late to finish a good book. I want to get up early and watch the sunrise with a good cup of coffee. I want to bake fresh bread before friends come over for dinner. I want to sit on the counter with Addie and scrape the last bits of cookie dough out of the bowl.

Instead of jumping from one item on my to-do list to another, I want to pause and savor the in-betweens. This year, I am reading through a devotional written by Shauna Niequist, called Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. I encourage you to check out both The Power of Moments and this devotional if you are feeling unsure or unready for 2020.

Do you have a theme or a word you focus on each year? Or maybe you set resolutions? I would love to know how you reflect on the year that past and how you prepare for the year to come. If you don't have a plan, then I invite you to join me in focusing on savoring 2020 and all it has to offer.

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