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Let's Get Sugared!

My honest experience with waxing and sugaring.

Today, I am going to be talking about my experience with Waxing and Sugaring. For those of you who do not want to read about my Brazilian adventures, please feel free to scroll to another post. Seriously, there will be no hard feelings.

Oh! One more very important thing before I get started, I am not an esthetician. I have had zero schooling or training to become an esthetician, therefore, the opinions I give below should be viewed as opinions based on personal experience. If you are interested in learning more about Waxing or Sugaring, I would highly recommend finding someone trained specifically in one of these practices to ask more questions about this.

Okay, now let’s talk about hairless lady parts. I had never considered waxing or sugaring before I was married. Honestly, who voluntarily lies there while hair is ripped from its follicle? I did for a year. And honestly it wasn’t that bad over time. I liked the results, I loved it during the summer time, and I got to give my razor a break. It was great.

And then… I got pregnant. It got way to painful and I decided I needed to take a break.

I got the opportunity to get sugared by Sugar Coated, a sugaring and tanning studio in Sunset Beach. Sugaring is an organic, natural alternative to waxing. Sugaring uses natural ingredients to create a taffy like goo. It is kept at room temperature and removes hair in the direction it grows to prevent ingrown hairs.

One of the biggest differences between waxing and sugaring was the initial aftermath. Waxing left me sore, red and irritated. I did not want to be touched or even seen naked until the redness went down – and sometimes it took days. After getting sugared, I noticed that I wasn’t as sensitive to touch like I had been with waxing. The redness went away within 24 hours.

Side note: Sex happened a lot sooner after sugaring than it would with waxing!

Another difference with sugaring was the lack of ingrown hairs! Something that I was never told while waxing is that it is important to exfoliate. This can help prevent ingrown BIG TIME! While exfoliating and moisturizing has probably helped, I have noticed that during the growing out period, I have had zero ingrown hairs!

The biggest and most exciting benefit of sugaring – it gets more hair! With each Brazilian waxing experience, I had ended with tweezers and plucking. OUCH! Most of the time, I always left with scattered hairs in random places. After sugaring, there were no tweezers. I went home and inspected. I saw no hair. I was so incredible impressed with this!


- One of the questions I got asked a ton was “Is it awkward?” I felt super uncomfortable the first time I got a Brazilian. But it does not have to be! I would recommend sharing with your aesthetician that it is your first time or that you are nervous.

- Ask for the aesthetician to work quickly. The plus side to sugaring – there is no sheets that need to be placed, no hardening of the wax, no “down” time.

- Bring a friend to hold your hand and distract you. It helps when you have someone to talk to.

- Scout the place before you go! My waxing place felt like a hospital room. I felt super uncomfortable in a stark white room on a table with my knees up. It felt like a horrible OB visit. Go somewhere that you feel comfortable. Get to know your aesthetician too. If you don’t feel comfortable, ask to go with someone else.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience and plan to return back for another Brazilian – maybe even for my eyebrows. Fun Fact: People who get sugared rarely go back to waxing! I don’t plan to ever go back!

If you are in Southern California, I would highly recommend making an appointment with Sugar Coated. The studio is so comfortable and the aestheticians make you feel like friends, not clients. You can check out their services by clicking here.

I would love to know what you think about Sugaring! Comment below and share your experiences.



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