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Taking a Toddler to Disney

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Taking a toddler to Disneyland does not have to be difficult.

In fact, most of my trips to Disney are just my daughter and I… and no stroller.

Addie and I have the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyland once or twice a week. And I get asked how we do it with just the two of us. People ask us often how we do it! Here is how:

  1. We arrive early. It is worth it, I promise. We try to get to the park before 9am. Opening is usually the emptiest the park will be. This gives us the opportunity to meet characters and get on rides.

  2. We ditched the stroller. Best advice I can give: invest in a good wrap. If you are going to ditch the stroller for your trip, you will need a good wrap to keep your babe close to you. After trying several… yes, several, I have fallen in love with the Ergobaby OMNI 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier. I am able to carry Addie facing me, facing out or on my back! This is particularly helpful on busy days. If it is a emptier day at the park, I let Addie run around.

  3. We bring snacks and extra water. Snacks are a must! If either of us gets hangry, we end the day early. I try to stay on top of our appetite. We love our snacks. Our snack containers come pre-portioned and come with an ice pack to stay cool.

  4. We map out our day. We usually hit one park per visit instead of trying to park hop! I have a list of all of the rides Addie can go on and we use the Disney App to determine if a wait time is worth it or not.

  5. We make Disney Days short. Usually we are out of the parks and headed home before 2:00pm. Why? Because it gets really busy and that usually is nap time. It’s a good exit time – the parks get very busy in the afternoon and evenings, so we try to head out before those crowds arrive.

Disney does not have to be difficult! We absolutely love our time at the Happiest Place on Earth. Next week, I will post our favorite rides and things to do at the parks!



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