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What My Toddler Taught Me About Patience.

I am NOT a patient person.

I am an impatient person. It used to be really bad. I had zero patience for a slow cashier, a Costco gas line or even the traffic on the 405 freeway. I would check the nearest clock whether my phone or an old fashion wall clock several times an hour. I hadn’t realized how much my patience has grown until I saw a video of Addie learning to crawl yesterday. She was trying so hard to get her hands and legs to move at the same time. She’d reach one hand out and then the other before moving her knees. But she was determined. She was focused on moving closer to her toy.

Addie didn’t seem to mind the length of time that it took her to inch her way over to the toy, she was focused on being in the moment and getting her arms and feet to work together - no matter how hard or how long she had to work at it.  I am always impressed at her ability to teach me new things. Her patience matches her Dad’s and is something I work very hard to match. Addie has taught me to slow down and to stop rushing from one activity to the next. In fact, my planner looks different now, I don’t have every hour mapped out with detailed accuracy. I don’t pencil in every waking moment of my day anymore.

I have stopped counting the minutes, stressing about checking off each box on my to-do list. Instead, I have started using my time to invest in the present moment. I have realized that I will never get these moments back with my daughter, each day she’s a little bit older and a little more grown up. Each day, she becomes a little bit wiser and more independent. I love that fiercely about her, and I realize these moments are fleeting.  Instead of counting down the minutes to the end of a productive day, I count the moments I get to spend with Addie. I am counting the memories we are making and the lessons I am learning. 

I still find myself checking my watch or the nearest clock, but my mind set has shifted. It is no longer how much can I achieve and shove into a 24 hour period, it’s how many moments do I get to be a part of and how many memories do we get to make.  With each glance at a clock, I remind myself that each precious moment with Addie matters and is worth slowing down to enjoy. 

Do you struggle with being patient? I still do… more often than I would like to admit. How do you practice patience?

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