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We Endure: Justin's Story

Written by: Justin Jacobs

I always like to start with a quote, Let’s get down to business…” -Admiral Yao. Another good quote, “...if you don’t do a word-study, is it even Christian?” Welp: perseverance - the ability to continue in a course of action, despite hardship or little foreseeable chance of success; endurance - the ability to suffer patiently; faithfulness - firm adherence to promises.

Life for me has never been especially hard, and I would hate to give you any other impression. My childhood was characterized by your run-of-the-mill obstacles, but, for all purposes and intents, I have been able to live a rather blessed and enjoyable life. However, like all great stories, the cloud darkens beyond the silver-lining.

I am what you’d call a hopeless-romantic; my heart wishes to overthrow my head at every turn. I had my first girlfriend in kindergarten, and I’m one of eight men who have a rough outline for his future wedding.

Just one problem: I am as single as the day I was born! I am so single, in-fact, that I was asked to head-up the American’s singles association, and have served back-to-back terms as President over the Friend-Zone. I felt like Captain Ahab--always in search of the ever-elusive. For me, it was a partner--a wife. As years roll-into one another, and slowly screech into a decade, I have seen many friends date and marry--some of whom had expressed strong resistance to the idea of marriage, yet God moved and partnered them with someone. Meanwhile, I have found myself consistently a benchwarmer in the realm of all things romantic--a water boy, at times, doling-out advice and support to those of my teammates who were in the game, while I sat, laced-up, raring to go! Some nights, I would go to bed, just kind of thinking,

What the deuce, Lord? I’ve been sitting here with You this whole time, waiting for the one, and you gave one to so-n-so, instead!?

So! why am I telling you all of this? Because this has been my “Via Dolorosa”. Romans 5 says: “3 ...we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, 4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, 5 and hope does not put us to shame…”These kinds of battles, seasons, bouts--whatever you want to call them, are here to help teach us about endurance. But, it is not enough to be able to suffer patiently, this is where I think faithfulness comes-in; faithfulness speaks of the condition of our hearts. It is entirely possible to have the ability to suffer patiently, but to get a fugly heart in the process--just look at Lot’s wife!

On her way to a good thing, but she couldn’t stop looking back...and rearview-living always makes you salty...but, allowing God to work in us is the maturing and refining of character. After character,

God promises hope. Hope defines our trust in Him to do as He has promised--not only in this situation, but in all of the ones that will follow! Because, hope in Him will never be put to shame.

The point: Cap. Ahab was salty--don’t be salty. It’s not about submitting to the process, but the God of the Heavens, who can do abundantly more than we ask, think or imagine, and trusting that He will lead us to where we need and want to be.

Each of our guest authors has submitted their own writing in order to share their story. The Sunkissed Peach is committed to creating a community in which people can be open and share honestly, in all walks of life. If you are triggered by any of these stories, I ask that you reach out to a mental health professional or counselor. If you relate or have had a similar experience, please feel free to comment and interact with the author.



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